13 Emmerdale spoilers: Villains, unwanted dinner guests and ruffled feathers

13 Emmerdale spoilers: Villains, unwanted dinner guests and ruffled feathers

6th December 2019 0 By Eastieoaks
  • It’s Panto season in the village and Kim takes on the role of the villain.
  • Charity plans to rile Cain and invites Nate to dinner.
  • Can Aaron be stopped from killing Luke when he goes at him with a golf club?
  • Arthur’s bullying of Archie takes a turn for the worse when the youngster vanishes leaving the villagers in worry.
  • As Jai declares war on Jimmy will Arthur finally admit to what has been going on?
  • Aaron is left gutted to learn that Robert has been in contact with Victoria but not him. With his loved ones worried about him, Victoria, Chas and Liv all split up to look for him.
  • Nate narrowly avoids a quad bike accident when he swerves to avoid some turkeys.
  • As Cain and Sam find Robert’s Porsche abandoned in the woods Liv collapses and has a seizure perilously close to the waters edge.
  • Ellis is back (with a new face) but not everyone is happy to see him as Belle is annoyed he didn’t tell her he was coming back.
  • With Bernice away Leyla’s eager to rehearse the Panto’s kissing scene with Liam.

9th December

Kim packs Jamie, Andrea and Mille off to Lapland, leaving Graham suspicious she is up to something and further strengthening his conviction he is Millie’s father.

16th December

Graham’s worried he’s losing Rhona who’s now determined to make her own decision about the job offer. After they both confess that they love one another they decide to accept the job offer and leave Emmerdale.

17th December

Chas tells Cain that he should come to Lydia’s Dingle gathering because it’s the ‘season of goodwill’ but when Cain arrives to see Nate there, he tells the Dingles to go to hell as he storms out.

Emmerdale continues from Monday 9th December on ITV.